24 Mantra Organic Tur dal

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24 Letter Mantra brand of food integrates the ancient wisdom Tvam Bhumir Apo Analo Anilo Nabha You are Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether) and natural farming. All products are cultivated without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or chemicals, and come with the assurance of no artificial colors, flavours or preservatives. 24 Letter Mantra is an organic food brand of Sresta Natural Bioproducts Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in the year 2004.

Health Benefits

Tur dal, a very nutritious and popular dal across india as it contains several indispensable proteins and other chemical compounds that are essential for the human body. This dal cone be combined with other dals or pulses, to improve the taste and nutrition in the diet. The flavor and the taste of Toor dal is unique and is one of the most appetizing dals available. If you are a vegetarian, Tur dal is the best sources of proteins that you can get. If you want to remain in shape, and considering building a good body, Toor dal should be on your daily menu. Tur dal is also believed to be rich in Iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fiber content. It is low on cholesterol and saturated fats. If combined with rice, it makes up for a complete diet. It is also used in making sambhar and dosa. Khichdi using Tur dal is also very common.



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