Channa Green हरा चना

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Green chick peas is a legume of the family Fabaceae. Generally, hara chana refers to the dried version of green chick peas, which is available all year round. It has a greenish colour, and a rough outer coating. Unlike fresh green chickpeas, the dried ones need to be soaked before cooking, and also take a longer time to cook. Hara chana is tastier than kala chana or kabuli chana as it acquires a slightly sweet taste when cooked. It can be used to make various recipes like cheela, sweets etc.

Health Benefits

Hara chana is a good source of protein as well as carbohydrates.Green chickpeas are rich in B-vitamins, which help your body use carbohydrates, protein and fat from food. Even more impressive, half a cup of green chickpeas provides half of the phosphorus and about a third of the iron and magnesium you need daily, supporting your bone, blood cells, muscles and nerve function.Like other beans, hara chana is rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre.The soluble fibre in the chana helps stabilise blood sugar levels, while still providing a steady supply of energy.


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