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Gram flour or besan is a pulse flour made from a variety of ground chickpea known as Bengal gram. It is a staple ingredient in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, including in Indian, Bangladeshi, Burmese, Nepali, Pakistani and Sri Lankan cuisines. Gram flour can be made from either raw or roasted gram beans. The roasted variety is more flavorful, while the raw variety has a slightly bitter taste. In the form of a paste with water or yogurt, it is also popular as a facial exfoliant in the Indian Subcontinent. When mixed with an equal proportion of water, it can be used as an egg replacement in vegan cooking. Gram flour contains a high proportion of carbohydrates, no gluten, and a higher proportion of protein than other flours.


Besan is really useful as a tan removal agent when applied to skin.To fight pimples naturally, try the anti-pimples besan face mask. Besan is not just good for your skin but it is also good for your hairs. Mix 3tbsp of gram flour along with some curd and olive oil. Now, add 1tbsp of lemon juice in the mixture. Mix it well and apply directly on hair. If you have oily tanned skin, mix together two tsp of besan with a pinch of turmeric, a few drops of lemon juice and curd to make a paste. Use raw milk if you have dry skin. Apply this pack on the tanned areas and leave it to dry. Wash with lukewarm water once it dries.


Besan is also rich in fiber, iron, potassium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, folate, vitamin B-6 and thiamine. 1 bowl of cooked chickpeas can fulfil approximately 20 % of your daily protein requirement. The health benefits of gram flour/besan are as follows


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