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Makki Atta or yellow corn flour is made from dried yellow corn kernels. They are ground into a powder finer than corn meal. Makki atta is a common flour in India for making rotis. You must be devouring the sarson ka saag and makki ki roti combo especially now since it is the winter season. The added advantage of makki atta is that it does not have gluten in it. It is a healthy alternative to wheat flour if you happen to be on a gluten-free diet. Apart from being free of gluten, it has a number of essential nutrients in it. So, to boost your vitamin and mineral intake, you must include this flour in your diet. Want to know more about this flour Keep reading.


Makki di roti (Punjabi,Gurmukhi,Shahmukhi, is a flat, unleavened Punjabi bread made from corn flour, primarily eaten in Punjab region of India. Like most rotis in South Asian cuisine, it is baked on a tava. It is an important element of the rural Punjabi cuisine. Literally, makki di roti means bread of corn in the Punjabi language. Makki di roti is yellow in color when ready, and has much less adhesive strength — which makes it difficult to handle. Due to this, making makki di roti is more difficult than the usual roti made from wheat flour.


Yellow corn flour or Makki atta is a great source of the mineral zinc. This particular mineral is important for the functioning of enzymes. Zinc is said to activate the enzymes that help regulate the activity of genes in your cells, boost the immune system and help in converting food into energy. It is also a part of cell membranes and protects them along with DNA and proteins from damage. A single cup of makki atta can add up to 2 mg of zinc to your food which is 25% of the recommended daily intake for females and 18% for males.


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