Kuttu सिगाड़ा आटा

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Image result for kuttu ka atta The famous ones are kuttu ki puri (buckwheat pancakes) and kuttu pakoras (potato slices dipped in buckwheat flour and deep-fried in oil). In most of northern and western states, buckwheat flour is called kuttu ka atta.


Kuttu ka atta is one of the special ingredients which is allowed to be consumed while one is fasting. Buckwheat flour is a highly nutritious, nourishing and energising food. That is why it is consumed during fast to keep oneself energised throughout the day. Buckwheat is a type of cereal similar to wheat.


Buckwheat flour or kuttu ka atta is a powerhouse of nutrients and also aids weight loss. It is also an excellent substitute for wheat, rye barley, oats etc. It is a huge source of fibre, protein, iron and magnesium. Let us take a look at the health benefits of the buckwheat or kuttu flour.



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