Moth मोठ

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The Moth Bean plant flourishes to a full growth in short day lengths. It does not tolerate water logging so much so that the plant hardly requires any irrigation and thrives well in well drained. The Moth Bean plant hardly faces any kind of threat from pests and diseases. One of the major reason owing to this may be the kind of environment it is grown in. However due to this reason, Farmers in The semi-arid regions are pleased to grow this plant as it does not require extra care and water and also that it shows positive effects on the otherwise less yielding soil.

Health Benefits

Protein-Rich. Matki or moth bean is rich in proteins. For vegetarians, it is a good protein and calcium source. It also offers fibre, vitamins and minerals.Moth bean has an Indian name matki. It can withstand hot climate and grow well even in some areas hit by drought. It can be easily grown as it rarely needs protection from pests etc. Most of the Indian bodybuilders love matki or moth beans as it is easily available protein-food that offers energy.



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