Batla Dal बटला दाल

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Matar Ki Dal or Peas Dal or matar as unknown in india and its a must during peas season in our home, in fact everyday matar ki dal is made in our home as my dad love this dal. Matar dal is something very different and delicious compare to any other dal, the texture, flavors and taste is awesome if made properly. Also known as the navy bean, fagioli or pea bean, the white pea is a classic choice for baked beans or soups. The small- to medium-sized white legumes became known as navy beans after sailors stationed overseas, and longing for traditional baked beans, discovered white peas to be perfect for Yankee dishes such as baked beans.

Health Benefits

Packing an iron punch, white peas come to the rescue for people at risk for iron deficiencies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Young children, pregnant women, women with heavy menstrual cycles and people who suffer heavy blood loss from injury or disease are all at risk of developing an iron deficiency, which causes fatigue and weakness. Paired with grains to round out the amino acid content, navy beans provide a complete protein that is less expensive and lower in fat than many animal-based products. In fact, legumes such as the white pea are useful to vegetarians and vegans looking for nonanimal protein sources. Finally, the fiber rich-white pea is a weight loss boon because it promotes proper digestion and makes you feel full more quickly than many other foods, yet it is low in calories and saturated fat. The high-fiber content is also helpful for people watching their cholesterol levels.


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